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Electric Scooter Holiday Blowout
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Moustache Man
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Mouthfull of Bees
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Powderkeg (Generic Punk Song)
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Black Widow (She Bites)
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Unreleased Stuff (that you've probably never heard and that you might hate) or
Griffith Anthology (stuff we could put in a box set and sell to two people for $50, even though it sounds like crap)

Okay. Here are some songs that we've recorded during practices over the last couple of years. They sound pretty rough because our method was to throw a crappy little microphone in the middle of the room and record straight to a minidisk player. A lot of our practices have recordings so we can actually remember the way we did something. Some of the songs you'll hear have completly improvised lyrics. When you play these, remember to turn your volume way up so you can hear.

Little Boy Genius
this is an OLD recording. This was PRE-lyrics (meaning that there are some now). But Jeff compensates well for having no lyrics to work with in this faux-AC/DC ripoff. I hope it makes it on an album one day.
It's Going to Get Dark Very Soon
this is something that Willie had written lyrics for. This is one of the first times we had tried to do someting with it. When the Griffith show hits Broadway, this will probably be our first showtune.
Red Coats are Coming
oh man, this is pretty old too. When I first listened to this recording recently I thought, "This is why I love being in this band." At nearly 11 minutes (this is a BIG mp3), it needs to be that long. This is a song about Paul Revere's ride, note during the bridge we hear the line, "Wait a minute man!", or is it "Wait, a minuteman!", its up to you to decide. At the time of this recording, the second verse wasn't written yet.
Prince of England Can't Marry the Queen of Spain
yes thats what its called. Pure improvised whiteboy funk.
Moon Groove
I'm not sure what to call this song. It's not really a song, just something we started playing once that was fun. The "lyrics" (if you want to call them that) were improvised. Note: Jeff's meowing near the end.
Month of May
I think Jeff was making up the lyrics during this song. Its a happy fun little song, but for some reason Jeff is talking about killing someone throughout most of it. The last of the song is some nasty jazz lounge music courtesy of Aaron and Jeff. This song actually has lyrics not, that in no way resemble the ones in this recording. Also, if you listen closely on "Can't Stop the Robot" on Electric Scooter Holiday Blowout, you can hear Jeff singing this song in the background during part of of the song.
this is really old. It almost made it onto the first record but we couldn't get it together in time. I still like this song merely for the line "when you're out on the run, and you don't understand, why you don't have for hot-dogs with buns". Aaron sings with such passion, you may weep when you hear this.

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Click to listen to our 10/22 acoustic performance on the Dudley & Bob, "Damn It's Early" radio show. Thanks to KLBJ in Austin, TX for having us

The Great Outdoors
Moustache Man

Griffith Sucks Up To Get On the Radio

Here are five 30 secondish tracks we recorded as "Jack and Ron" promos. You may know Jack and Ron as the morning hosts of 98.9s morning show, aptly titled "The Jack and Ron Show". We also have a song featured on their website: (Click to listen)

  1. Wake Up!
  2. Mt. Olympus (Song of the Gods)
  3. Nomadic Theme
  4. Ron-Baby's Theme (featuring "Ron-Baby")
  5. 50's Theme